Oh Baby!

I have never really liked babies.  Loved toddlers, disliked babies.  I'm not really sure why but it was just a fact of life (my life).  However, a love for babies has crept into me and I can't get enough!  I walk past the baby section in Target and want to buy it all - for my friend's babies of course.  I think that's what did it:  my friends having babies.  How could I not love the offspring of some of my favorite people?  

Three of my favorite babies are now no longer babies but ONE YEAR OLDS!  What?  Yesterday was John Allen's birthday, next weekend is Levi's birthday, and not too long ago was Adrianne's!  I love my friends.  I love their one year olds.

Birthday shout outs go to:
John Allen


Disclaimer:  I by  NO MEANS have baby fever.  I don't want one for quite some time but I will gladly love on YOURS :)


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