New Year, Same Me.

So I guess I haven't blogged in a while.  I'd like to use the holidays (Christmas, New Years) as an excuse, but let's call it what it is... laziness/forgetfulness.  :)  I hope those who are reading this (and those who aren't) had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve. 

side note:  I am usually a total grammar/spelling nut, but I can never figure out if Near Year's is New Year's or New Years.  Teachers, help me out!

My Christmas was good with deviled eggs, awkward family photos, and teaching my 80 some year old grandparents how to do youtube and paper toss on my iPhone.  New Year('s?) Eve was good too.  Didn't do it up too fancy, but spent it with good people.  Good people, chex mix, strawberries, and of course a little black dress!

So what is my resolution this year?  Are you kidding me?  I don't have one.  I like myself and don't plan on changing.  I plan on being me this year and enjoying every second of it.

However, I'd prefer those with losing weight as a resolution would choose another gym instead of the Y.  There was nowhere to park yesterday!  Sigh...

awkward fam photo with my sis

Lynae & I on NYE

me being me.. 
wearing gloves and slippers at work.  my office is cold and people think i'm crazy already;
i didn't wanna disappoint of course. :)


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