Two Blogs, One Stone ...

If you saw my Tweet or Facebook status last night, you are probably expecting to be in for a treat with today's blog. After the YP Ugly Sweater party last night I was in a rather silly mood.  So to help my friends get in the Christmas spirit I wanted to lip sync to NSync's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays song. I ended up picking up a magnifying glass for my microphone... and the embarassing factor of the video went way up.  However, due to some annoyance with YouTube, I will not be posting the video of which my mom said "bless your heart..." when she saw it.  Sorry for any disappointment (I'm sure there's none) this may cause, but I will provide you with a screenshot of the video you missed out on:
and here are some pictures from the party:
An excuse to look crazy is always a good time to me, even though my sister was confused as to how I could "look cute wearing a tacky Christmas sweater."

Now, to kill two blogs with one stone.  I came across this video this morning and I disagree.  I really do- men and women can definitely be "just friends."  See picture above for example!  Danny K!  I believe it is easier for Christians to be just friends perhaps  - which could open up a whole new topic of conversation - but it IS still possible for ANYONE.  I do think boundaries that should be maintained with certain male/female relationships - but it is all situational.

Honestly, for the content of the video to be accurate, since I am not interested in anyone right now, that would mean I have to assume that of my guy friends is interested in me/attracted to me in some way and wish we were more. 


I don't think that's true.

Now let me get back to work until lunch with my friend ERIC.

That's all.


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