Disney Wisdom

A couple of weeks ago I started following @disneywords on Twitter.  Multiple (read: an excessive amount of) times a day, they tweet quotes from various Disney characters.  For instance, one of my recent favorites was a quote from Monsters Inc.:

photo credit: fotolog.com
"Remember, laughter is 10 times more powerful than screams."
- -Mike Wyzowski (Monsters, Inc.)

It's great how much wisdom is found in children's movies (and ridiculous how much inappropriate humor is in them that the children don't pick up on!).  Yeah, most of the movies are about princesses, monsters and superheroes... but the story lines always seem to parallel real life.

So for fun this morning I am going to take my top 3 Disney movies and pick out what it is we could all stand to learn from these animated characters. (Photo credits are all from various websites found through google images searches)

Pinned ya again!

The Lion King
This movie may be at the top of my list.  I just love it.  What we can learn from it:
  • You can't trust everyone (Scar)
  • Don't worry so much (Hakuna Matata!)
  • Sometimes you should listen to others' advice so you don't get into trouble. (Simba & Nala & the elephant graveyard-Mufasa said never to go in the shadows!)
  • Running away doesn't solve your problems. (Simba)

Beauty & The Beast
  • Good looks don't work if your personality fails (Gaston).
  • Don't forget your GPS or you may end up in a beast's castle(Maurice)  
  • Look at someone's heart even if their actions don't reflect it. (Beast)

  • You should never marry for money or any other reason besides love. (Jasmine-Jafar-Aladdin)
  • Freedom is something to be thankful for. (Genie)
  • Don't pretend to be someone you're not - let someone love you for who you are.(Aladdin)

What movies can you think of that give a little inspiration?


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