Wednesday celebrated 25 years since the day I was born and as usual I was overwhelmed with love from my family and friends.

Shout out to Lacey, Eric, Robyn and Robert for making lunchtime fun at Pei Wei, and to everyone else who wished me a happy birthday(or changed their profile pic to a pic of me for "Lori C. Day" [Robin P, Ainsley, Mel].  Gotta love it.  Thanks to Christine for my birthday breakfast bagel, and to Mel for my post birthday dinner last night.  So many people made it special despite starting it off with a migraine!

Some birthday pics and videos just for fun:
me and my cousin caitlin before digging into cookie cake!
the letter caitlin wrote me encouraging me to save my brain "sells" on my birthday
Click Here for a video from the morning of my birthday (during my migraine) and Click Here for a video from my party :)

The years pass by so fast --some are good and some are bad but every day gives us a second chance for it to be the best year of our lives.  :) Happy Birthday to ME!


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