December Rambling

December has been a pretty busy month - of course... it is December after all.  December's ability to keep me busy has not disappointed this year.  I'm pretty satisfied right now to be enjoying a frappuccino at Starbucks and just relaxing for a short while (though I do not recommend this particular Starbucks nor the Caramel Brulee frappuccino.)

Speaking of this frappuccino... (how many times can I type that word and risk misspelling it?)  Not only is it slightly gross, but I was disappointed in the service.  They made me a caramel brulee latte instead and when I said something there was no apology or offer to re-do it.  When I went back up and ordered it again there was still no "sorry about that" or "it's free."  I'd say especially in the Christmas spirit something should have been done (not to mention for customer retention...).  Oh well - in an effort to not make a scene I offered the girl in line behind me my latte and I think I made her day.  She offered to pay for my new drink but I told her Merry Christmas and she left.  It was actually pretty cool.  I also don't feel so bad about my drink mishap because for the past 10 minutes I've heard multiple wrong drink orders.

So ANYWAY, back to "December Rambling."  I don't really have a point to this blog except that I wanted to mention a few funny stories/life events, none worth a blog of their own. So here are some fun/uninteresting to you things I feel like talking about this afternoon.
  • Last minute Christmas shoppers.  I hate them... and I am one this year.  Fail.   I'm not even in the mood for NSync Christmas this year... I need to get in the SPIRIT!  I love giving gifts though, so I'm sure once I start shopping (on THURSDAY, yikes!) it will get better.  I got an e-mail this morning and the subject was "It's officially last minute."  Nice.
  • Queen Nails on Falls of Neuse -- got a mani there the other day with Robyn.  I will be moving my unofficial membership to every other nail place I go to when I'm in the mood to have my nails done to there.  Not only did they do a great job, but they gave us massages, a Christmas present, and didn't talk the entire time to each other in another language while I had to question whether or not it was about me.  I appreciated that.  Also: 30 seconds from work and only $15.
my little gift from the nail salon HAHA

  • In addition to the "double awkward" video I posted on Facebook, I taught that same kid and his brother how to do the "awkward turtle." (Which, by the way I am learning how many people DON'T KNOW the awkward turtle!)  Anyway, for those who know it, you will appreciate this.  The boys are 4 and 6.  The 6 year old says "Why are turtles awkward, is it because they pee in the water?"  Made my day.

photo credit:

    • Side note:  My dad got a magazine in the mail that definitely had an article in it on how to pee in the pool without getting caught.  Useful information?
  • My neighbors are the best.  I loved my gift from them yesterday and I also loved their gift to my parents.  (Mint Chocolate FUDGE? Yes, I stole some for breakfast)
  • I decided last night that God is NOT a vegetarian.  Why else did people sacrifice animals to him??  He was hungry, duh.
  • Christmas parties galore.  One of my personal favorites was the one we had for our  kids at Oxford Manor.  Honorable mention to Sarah Peters and Robin Crabtree. :)

Javen decorating his cookie at the party Saturday
Christmas songs at the Oxford Manor Christmas party

  • Also...This morning was pretty cool, but we will talk about that at a later date.

That's all I can come up with now.  I hope everyone is having a nice day at work while I take my sweet vacation time.  :)  Feel free to rub it in to me when you are taking your vacation and I'm not.  I'll take it like a man (um, woman).


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