Lori's Favorite Things HALL OF FAME

As promised in my last blog, I am listing the names of some pretty cool people in my HALL OF FAME.  That's right, Hall of Fame.  Be jealous. My HOF is the place to be.

The following people made it through my entire 9 minute and some video blog of boringness and I wanna shout out to them for sticking it out!  Also, as an added bonus I'm going to list my favorite thing about each of these people since my blog was about favorite things. :)

Barbara Crabtree (aka my mom)
Sara Ireland
Diane McClary
Sandie Tharrington

Honorable Mention:
Robyn Daniel
Lacey Ostoj

My favorite things:
My mom:  My favorite thing about my mom is that I am as much of an influence on her as she is me.  She enjoys Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and has a good sense of humor.
Sara Ireland:  My favorite thing about Sara is that she is always honest with me.  (not to mention she's my soulmate!)
Diane:  My favorite thing about Diane is that she is pretty much everyone's best friend.  Sandie T.:  My favorite thing about Sandy is that she is always nice to me at church!
Robyn:  My favorite thing about Robyn is her loyalty to her friends.
Lacey:  My favorite thing about Lacey is that she is probably one of the funniest girls I know.

You should have received your gold medals in the mail.  If they didn't come you might wanna take that up with the FedEx guy.  I think he wanted Cash 4 Gold.


  1. i am beyond honored. and humbled. me and fedex and going to have to have a few words.

  2. Thank you Lori. I am honored to he in your Hall of Fame. I am always amazed at the fun you have in your life even when you are bored. Keep on making me laugh, because it looks good on you.


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