Love A Fair - Day Two : Samples

It is now time for day two of reasons to "love a fair."  Today's reason is the same reason I love walking through the food court at the mall: 

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They're everywhere, they're tempting, and they're delicious.  Free samples can also cost you- because occasionally you're going to want to buy the things you're sampling!  

What to get and where to go:

When you first get to the fair you should head in the gate where the rock mining place used to be (something I miss a lot from my earlier fair going days).  As you walk over the bridge there will be a mill on the right.  (This is after you pass the guys handing out free sketchy romance novels and past the giant Geico Gecko.)  You walk through and you get a free hushpuppy- and they're always hot!  (note to the newbie fair goers-- this is only open until 5 or 6 p.m. so you have to go here first)

Now that you have that out of the way... as you proceed through the fair here more samples you don't want to miss:

Fudge.  Located near the NC State Ice Cream booth there is a little crafty building that also sells fudge.  You have to go in to get the sample and the building is 100 degrees, but it's worth it.

House Autry Hushpuppies.  In one of the buildings toward the back of the fair.  There is always a long line for these and people tend to walk into the building and skip in line so be aware and be aggressive.  You also get a sticker with these! 

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Kettle Corn: At a booth near the Dorton Arena.  Not to be missed.

Salad Dressings/Salsas/Dips:  Near the place where they always have the wrecked car from a texting/driving incident.  There is a tent you can walk through and sample these different things on pretzels/chips/crackers and purchase them if you want.

Neese's Liver Pudding:  I tend to skip this sample.

Honey Cotton Candy:  At the honey booth in the art building ( I think ).  SO. GOOD.  They don't obviously hand it out all of the time so you have to linger like a prospective customer and they'll give you some.

and more!

Are you hungry?


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