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For those who have been following my blog (hi, mom), you may notice I have started a 26 day blog counting down the days until Matt and I go to the fair.  As a part of this countdown I am listing a reason a day for you to "Love A Fair" (which is the theme of the fair this year, how appropriate for someone like me).

Apparently I have been out of the loop because today I discovered this contest via @NCStateFair on Twitter.  Could there be a more appropriate contest for me?  I don't think so.  "It's time for us to pick another Deep Fried Ambassador, a blogger whose enthusiasm for the N.C. State Fair is close to our own."  I'd say my enthusiasm is more of an obsession.  A healthy obsession of course...healthier than all of the food I will consume on October 17th.  :)

Why should I be the next "Deep Fried Ambassador?"  Why shouldn't I?  I have been a walking advertisement for the State Fair year round.  It's called word of mouth and free PR. ;)  Everyone knows I love it and it is also true that enjoying the fair is a requirement for dating me.  Matt and I have only been dating for about 2 months and I told him early on "if you still like me by then, we have to go to the State Fair."  He obliged so I figured I'd keep him around.

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Why do I love the fair?

Stickers, samples, giveaways, artwork, photography.  Pig races, petting zoos, magicians, face paint.  Games, rides, gunshots, contests, concerts.  Karaoke, celebrities, radio and tv booths. JUST TO NAME A FEW.  So much fun can be had at the fair, and did I mention the FOOD?  Fried candy, fried pickles, fried mac & cheese. Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, Fudge.  Cheeseburgers, country ham biscuits, krispy creme burgers, pig lickers (Google it).  Apple Cider, NC State Ice Cream, Kettle Corn.  Are you salivating?  I am.

Of course you can't forget the Village of Yesteryear building.  It is worth fighting the crowd to see all of the cool things that people make with their own hands, from Christmas decorations and pottery to toys and jewelry there is always something pleasing to the eye and tempting to the wallet.  These are the things you just don't see every day anymore.

The fair to me is many things:
  • A great place for families.
  • Somewhere to reunite with friends- you can't go and not see a million people you know.
  • Romantic.  Ride the ferris wheel.  Share a funnel cake.  Stay for the fireworks.
  • A learning experience for all ages with the different exhibits.
  • An experience NOT to be missed.
If my post isn't convincing enough, if you don't like fried food or rides that make you dizzy or if you are just trying to pinch your pennies--at least go to people watch.  A bullet point I forgot to add is definitely the entertainment of watching others. :)

I'm feeling a little nostalgic now so I thought I'd post some of my State Fair memories in photos.

love the petting zoo.  (especially the camel - go CU camels!)
reuniting with lp at the fair
my cousin participating in the magic show
the fair- a great place for kids of ALL ages
props to greg f. for letting us spend a day in his shoes (face)
yes, i'm talking to YOU!
state fair 2010.  perfect weather. perfect place.
This blog post may be all over the place but I honestly become a kid in a candy shop when it comes to the fair.  I get so excited that I ramble on and on about how awesome it is and can't just focus on just one thing.  I want to be the Deep Fried Ambassador, and if I'm not selected- we all know I will still be an unofficial advocate for the NC State Fair for life.

PS- If you're going to the fair this year- take an experienced fair goer with you- (like me) who can show you where to find the huge $1 water bottles, the least populated bathrooms, the easiest games to win and the best food.  Make the most of it.

Stay tuned for my daily updates with details on all of the above resuming tomorrow with "Love A Fair Day 3."


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