4, 5 and 6. Reasons to Love A Fair

I cheated a little on the fair this weekend.  Matt and I went to Busch Gardens.  (Shhhh don't tell!)

Although the rides were awesome...not one other thing could compare to my State Fair. :)  My busy weekend prevented my posts of reasons to Love A Fair, so today I will be combining three.

1.  Chocolate Covered Peanuts from the Peanut Roaster booth.  Yes... I could go to the Peanut Roaster anytime it's true.  I never do, though... and there is just something about paying 50 cents for a cup of heaven that makes it all worth it.  I may or may not get multiple cups...(come on, they are only the size of condiment cups.  don't judge me!)

2.  Dave's I Got It Game.  I LOVE this game!  It's so easy to win, and the prizes are legit.  You sit in front of something with holes in it as the caller says "Ball 1, ball 2, etc." and each time you throw in a ball to try to get 4? or 5 in a row.  First person to get it says "I got it!" and you get a token.  You can either spend the token on a prize then, or collect more tokens to get a better prize.  I forgot how much it is to play, but it's way cheaper than a lot of the other games.  The prizes for this game are a lot of things that would get every day use rather than just stuffed animals.  (Although I admit... I did get a stuffed animal when I won-- see sideways pic below)

3.  Day 6 of reasons to Love A Fair:  Concerts in Dorton Arena.  Usually cheap concerts, at that!  There isn't much of a need for explanation here-it's that simple.  Good music- good artists- good price!  Always a concert to please all tastes.  Mine this year is Steel Magnolia.  One year I met Toby Mac because I creeped outside of the D.A.  I can't for the life of me find my picture for proof - but the best part of it was the security guard coming up to me and saying "excuse me for being old, but who is that?"

Stay tuned for another regular post tomorrow for Day 7 of Reasons to Love A Fair.  I must get back to work now as I not so secretly count down to October 17th.


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