Love A Fair - Day 1

It was brought to my attention last night (thank you Molly) that the theme for this year's State Fair is "Love A Fair."  As an avid fairgoer this made my day.  I have already planned on buying a Love A Fair t-shirt.  I LOVE THE FAIR!  If you're reading my blog and don't know this already, you must not know me at all!  I mean, my love for the State Fair is first date material- the kind of thing I disclose almost immediately.  It is a friendship requirement as well--accepting my love for the fair.  It is my thing. (It is also great to know that Molly Bain shares this obsession with me and I am not alone.)

In honor of the State Fair coming soon, I have decided to post a reason to "love a fair" a day until I go (which will be on October 17th).  26 more days...not that I'm counting or anything.

Today's reason to Love A Fair:

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Pig Races
If you have never been to a pig race you are missing out.  Not only are these little pigs quick on their feet as they race to the finish line for a cheese doodle but they're adorable too.  Spectators gather sometimes up to an hour early to get a good seat at the pig races - even though they last less than a half hour.  Each race a different fan in the crowd is picked to root for each animal and is awarded a ribbon if their animal wins.  Yes, I said animal... not pig.  There is also a DUCK RACE.  Does it get much cuter?  Also, Pot Bellied pigs-- they are a little slower than the other pigs but just as fun to watch.  I was almost the "Pig Queen" one year, but my pig came in second place.  It is still one of my life goals.  Check your fair brochures upon arrival for the pig race times.  There are usually a few each day so if you miss one you can go to another.  Or you could be like me and go twice.  Your choice.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's reason to Love A Fair.

As for my giving up sweets until the fair... it has been fairly (ha) easy except for a couple of nights of tempting brownies I had to resist.  I did cheat a *little* this morning with a caramel mocha iced coffee... but on under 5 hours of sleep I thought I deserved to treat myself.


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