Love A Fair - Day 3 - Bathroom Attendants

Time for day 3 of my reasons to Love A Fair.  This reason is a little crazy, I’m at home.  I go to the bathroom.  I do my thing and it’s over. 
I’m at work.  I go to the bathroom.  I do my thing then stay a little longer to avoid going back to my office, then it’s over.
I’m at the fair.  I go to the bathroom.  I have an experience like no other.  I come out laughing hysterically.
I would NEVER be a bathroom attendant.  I couldn’t imagine a job I’d dislike more!  How grateful I am for them, though!  The bathroom attendants (with only a few exceptions) at the fair are some of the happiest, most friendly people you’ll meet.  Honestly!  These people really make the most of their jobs.  Not to mention they keep the bathroom as clean as a public one can be and help the line flow quickly  (and we all know how the line for the ladies room can be).
Here are some things I have seen over the past few years at the fair in the bathrooms:
Halloween Decorations
Radio blasting with a dancing attendant (men’s room)
Pictures of family members
Artwork hanging on the walls
Singing attendants
And my favorite....the lady in the bathroom outside of the village of yesteryear.  I can’t for the life of me recall her name, but she is the BEST!  This lady not only has a lot of decorations, but she has a little rhyme or saying under the numbers on each stall, and she calls them out to those waiting in line.  For example –
“Next in line to stall number 3, the place to be when you have to pee!”
“Stall number four and if you have to push a little stronger, stay a little longer.”
“Stall number one for the leading lady.”
Some people think she’s crazy..but I love it.  I would go out of my way to have her as my attendant. 
One year I found out her birthday was during the fair.  I happened to be going again that day so I took her a card.  I left it in the tip bowl and didn’t see her open it, but I hope she appreciated it because I appreciate her!

Just another reason to Love A Fair. 


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