Yes [wo]Man

Have you seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey?  I actually think he's one of the most annoying actors and the movie didn't make my top 10.. (or 100...). but the movie has kind of a cool concept-- the main character doesn't say no to anything.  He goes all crazy pants spontaneous and doesn't turn down one opportunity presented to him. 

I think I am totally becoming a yes woman (with morals and exceptions of course), and I have to say so far so good.  Spontaneity has always been something I'm good at, but I was feeling stuck in a rut for a while.  Finally, I've stepped out of my same thing every day bubble (and apartment 103) and have lost a bit  lot of sleep, made it on the Planet Fitness missing persons list and have skipped grocery shopping here and there for extra social life money... but it has all been worth it. 

In the past two months...I went indoor rock climbing for the first and second time.  I started to play Bingo on occasional Mondays.  I bought a metallic gold jacket (I'm a total rock star).  I crashed a birthday party. I got a tattoo (kidding, mama). I hung out with new people without a close mutual friend as a crutch. I have stayed out 3+ hours past my bedtime on multiple work nights.  I went to a pumpkin carving party.  I have hung out in Chapel Hill (gross!). I got lost in the woods.  I painted my fingernails black.  I went on a double blind date. I went to the beach for the day.  I played truth or dare (jenga) for the first time since middle school.  I changed churches.  I went downtown with my roommate on a random Thursday with the sole purpose of having a good story to tell in the morning (and we did). I went to City Limits for the first time (and learned you shouldn't say yes to everything). AND through all of this I have acquired a few new friends along the way and each one of them is seriously the best.

I'm sleepy but I'm a lucky girl.  Oh, and I'm trying a deep fried Hostess cupcake on Wednesday at the fair with my new friends.  I kind of like my new "why not?" attitude.

Anyone want to go sky diving? ;)


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