What you see is what you get

This is what I wore last night to hang out with my friends:183551_717841408436_1960359245_n.jpg

An oversized, 10+ years old shirt.  Anyone who knows me would not be surprised.  This is me.  I'm corny, dorky and if you  may recall two blogs ago, I tend to be quite awkward.  I may not be a typical girl in a lot of ways but I'll tell you one thing I'm not:  Fake.

I did change shirts before going out in public last night... but over cheese dip at Lynnwood Grill last night I had a little heart to heart (for lack of a more appropriate way to put it) with a friend.  He complimented me and told me how pretty I was and how great of a smile I have.  He also told me that my personality was wonderful.  I really liked where this conversation was going until he said - "but you're not dressed for going out (I was wearing a blue tank top and skinny jeans) and you don't wear much make up."  AKA None of the guys there would have been interested in me.  He told me the guys would realize eventually that the girls they were talking to had little personality once it got down to it... but that I'm pretty much just "not it."  Eventually he came out and said it "can I be honest?  they're not interested."  I actually laughed.

Fine with me.  I like myself.  I think I'm fun and worth knowing.  Do I really want to meet my future husband in a bar?  Do I even want to meet a boyfriend there?  Not really.  It could happen, but let's just be realistic, it isn't likely or preferred. 

This girl will NEVER like make-up.  This girl hates wearing heels.  This girl usually wears shorts under dresses because HEY some people like to be modest!  This girl has no problem hanging out with a guy in oversized t shirts and shorts and is fine with Taco Bell over a fancy restaurant.  Oh yeah, and this girl AIN'T going home with you.  

So to the guys uninterested because I'm not fake or easy?  I don't care.  I'm hanging with my girls tonight.


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