LALALA I'm not listening!

Ladies, this one's for us; I'm talking to you and I'm talking to me. This one's for the girls, but guys you should pay attention too because it's always good for you to get a glimpse into the mind of these confusing human beings you have come to know and love as women.

Scenario one out of an infinity of possibile scenarios:
A group of college girls are getting ready to go out on the weekend, and one of them has paired a few clothing items together and is asking for feedback.  She personally LOVES her outfit and feels confident in it, but the first two girls she asks suggest she should wear something else.  Does she change right away?  Sometimes... but in this case, she asks 3 more girls who agree with her that she looks great and she feels justified in the decision she had already made before asking.

Scenario two:
A girl really likes this guy but isn't sure how he feels.  She analyzes his every word, move and look and reviews them in a play by play with her best friends, co-workers, family and anyone who will listen.  She talks about it with everyone, carefully selecting who she talks to because subconciously she only wants to hear affirmation of what she's hoping for.  Does she want a friend to tell her "he probably doesn't like you," or "maybe you should give up?"  No way.  Instead she asks her like-minded friends in an attempt to feel better about what she's already decided to do.

Scenario three:
A girl is deciding on whether or not to accept a job get the drift.

Am I speaking on behalf of every girl?  No, but I can say with confidence that a vast majority of girls do this very thing.  I do it often although it's unintentional.

We over analyze and we seek the advice of those who will tell us what we want to hear.  We want the best possible outcome for our situation and even if that outcome is potentially NOT a reality, it feels good in our disney fairytale fantasy worlds to hear that things may turn out just how we hope.  That we're making the right decision and what we perceive is correct.  The problem is that we are seeking affirmation of others and wisdom for the direction of our lives from people.  PEOPLE.  We are looking for answers from others when we should be taking it all to God. 

Yeah, it is easier to reach out to those who are physically present.  It is easier to hear what you want to hear to give you a sense of peace among the chaos of the female brain.  We worry and dwell and stress over things...(LIKE CRAZY PANTS) and it's nice to soften it up a little bit but the truth is life isn't easy and the only one who can direct us is the one we most often talk to about our problems LAST and LEAST.

So, ladies (and gentlemen if any of you fall captive to this as well), I challenge you to live more often by Philippians 4:6 -- "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

Only through doing this will we ever *really* know which way to go.  Take it from a girl who has ran, somersaulted, skipped and walked down the wrong paths... He will show you where to go and He's always working behind the scenes.  Don't look for what you want to hear, but be prepared to hear what's best for you.  Good things to come, friends. Good things to come.

Am I praying about the outfit I am wearing to church tonight?  No... I'll probably still get my roommate's approval, but that's okay.  :)


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