Rain is a Good Thing

I'm super energetic this morning.  Considering it's only two days into the week after a very sleepless (but fun) weekend and considering it's raining outside... that's just a little unusual.  I suppose I should be blah and complaining about the rain but instead I'll be more upbeat and tell you about my 5 most memorable rainy days.

1.  At church camp in high school we played in the rain for hours during our break time; it was the best day that week.  I'll never forget Christy Morgan running after her Adidas flip flop in the drain as the water was rushing by to no avail.

2.  In college I was on the way to class one day after neglecting to check the forecast.  I looked like a wet rat as a guy walks past me with an umbrella that would cover a family of 4... and keeps walking.  He looked at me sympathetically as he headed to the same building but didn't offer me shelter.  Where was the love?

3.  There's always the rainy day I threw an umbrella at someone on the steps of the religion building because he was a total douche.  (It was more than deserved.)

4.  Backstreet Boys concert.  Raleigh Ampitheater.  Lynae, me, a fleece blanket... and the will to stick it out because we wanted it that way.

5.  This has to be my favorite.  A few years ago, July 4th, Chapel Hill, a horrible storm and postponed fireworks.  ....with no umbrellas.  I along with my resourceful friends grabbed some Carolina blue (gross) trash bags, cut out holes for our arms and head and rocked some homemade ponchos.  We stuck it out in the rain for a while and the fireworks were great!

Enjoy your rainy day today!  As Luke Bryan says, rain is a good thing. Luke Bryan is a good thing too for that matter... ;)

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