My opinion on those with opinions

I’m too opinionated to stay off of my soapbox for long.  So, allow me (without your approval) to step back up and say a couple of things.
I have 955 “friends” on Facebook and check my newsfeed an average of 10 times a day.  Let me tell you, I see an inordinate amount of blatant stupidity.  Daily, I see a lot of unnecessary, rude, boring, uninteresting, etc. posts – some including my own.  I also see a lot of posted opinions - opinions I don’t share.  Some of those posts have offended me and others not so much – but what can I really say?  I post my opinions and others may be my guest at posting their own. 
The reaction to differing opinions on social media should be simple:  if you disagree, maturely make your POV known and debate as necessary.  Or, just chalk it up to freedom of speech and entitlement of opinions and move on. 
However, what I have seen lately is just the opposite from many (not ALL, but many).  I’ve seen people bashing each other and being hateful on both ends of the opinions spectrum.  This afternoon, I noticed that someone whose company I rather enjoyed when in social settings defriended me from Facebook.  I am assuming this happened around the May 8th time frame when the debates on Facebook were getting a bit heated regarding Amendment 1.
I find this response highly mirrors the responses we see in adolescent settings, i.e. high schools/middle schools.  Honestly, it could even date back to elementary school where you aren’t friends with someone over trivial things.  I’m not saying that the matters of one’s heart, the things most important to them are trivial, but what I am saying is that if we dislike each other because our hearts/beliefs are different, then that is childish.  Childish, and just uncalled for.  My feelings are hurt to know that I “lost a friend” over something like this, but such is life.
I am proud to say I know who my real friends/acquaintances are through the drama because we can move past things and move forward in what really matters- and in this case, it's friendships.  I can’t even count on my hands the number of people who expressed their disagreement with me recently.  I don’t think these people hate me.  Like I said on May 8,

33 people liked that status, and I had others text me/e-mail me their appreciation for my respect of their opinions. 
Not once did I set out with malicious intent with my words (in the amendment situation, or any), and I am sorry if I have offended/hurt any feelings in the process of sharing my thoughts.  All I’m saying here, is let’s grow up a bit, friends... speak your mind, share your heart and what you choose to do with a little controversy can play a big part in defining who you are.

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