What I've been doing...

Life has been so busy lately!  I've been about as busy as my head... and as a female, my head is pretty busy as I always have something on my mind! However, let's leave that for another blog on another day (i.e. never, because who really wants to venture that far into the realm of the female brain?)  [not even me].

Anyway, life has been non-stop lately but I thought I'd post a blog... just because I feel like posting a blog.  I have no soapbox to step upon, no funny anecdote, no exciting adventure to post about--just thought I'd post.

In a matter of a couple of weeks my boss and one of my favorite co-workers left my company, I moved to North Raleigh, joined Planet Fitness, got really muscular, went to a concert, avoided raindrops, made new friends, bought adorable patio furniture, got my mom a bird, chased said bird around the room while he knocked himself stupid, had cereal for dinner and actually worked at work.  Who knew that was possible?  It has been crazy and fun and it won't stop here.

Now that the warm weather is finally here, I know opportunities for fun will incessantly tempt my small/new budget.  With that being said, it's time for me to devise a "summer bucket list" for 2012."  This will be my next blog post in a couple of days.  Yes, I'll post something with substance... sorry to those of you who wasted 2 minutes reading this one. :) 

If you have any suggestions for my bucket list, leave them here and feel free to join me as I cross them off!


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