Ashton & Moving

If you are a Facebook friend of mine (and you probably are... not sure how many random strangers read my blog -- but if you are a random stranger, hello!) you may have seen my recent photo uploads captioned "Things you find when moving."  I wouldn't say I'm a pack rat and by no means am I a hoarder but I found some pretty random things.

I threw some things away i.e. the yellow clay mold of my teeth before I got braces (even though it was SUPER cool... if I were 10... or 25...), business cards of people who wouldn't hire me and medicines that expired over 2 years ago.

I kept some things...including a love letter from a high school valentine, my senior class panoramic photos, my build a bear and:

these gloves

this gem

this lobster from chris kinlaw at campbell!

I also kept this, which was the inspiration for my blog:


Junior year at Campbell, Campus Crusade went to Big Break - a spring break mission trip in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Hands down, my sophomore year and junior year spring breaks were the best spring breaks/best vacations/best weeks of my life.  So many cool things happened (not including a drunk girl throwing up in our van) and I truly believe we impacted a lot of lives during those times.

One particular morning around 2 a.m. (the morning Daniel James stepped on a used condom), we stumbled upon a few people hanging out on the beach by a fire.  They asked us to hang out and we stayed out there with them for an hour or so just talking.  Of course they asked where we were from and what we were doing in PCB - and we got to share a bit of the gospel and the reasons we were doing what we were doing.  One particular guy, Ashton, revealed that he was an athiest and we shared with him what it is we believed.  When we left he asked us to pray for him and said we put a lot on his mind.  Ashton gave me this glowstick - and everytime I see it hanging in my room I try to say a little prayer for him.  I have no idea where he is, I don't know if he is still an athiest and I don't even remember where he was from... but I do hope we planted a seed in his life and that he has changed since then.  So take a minute today and pray for Ashton.  You never know what one (or many) prayers can do. 

I'm glad I found this when moving.

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