Red Flag Friday

Today's blog post brought to you by all of the signs I've ignored while traveling down the roads of delusional bliss.
Red flags.  They're out there, and they're waving in the breeze of the hot air coming from every douchebag's mouth.  Oh, and what do we girls do?  We charge forward full speed like a bull toward a muleta because for some reason in moments of infatuation and ignorance we see our "last first kiss" standing right in front of us.
The excitement of a new relationship in our lives has a horrible tendency to blind us to the loud and clear signs that are pointing to outright disaster.  Sometimes we notice the red flags but put them aside for later... later as in when we need something to throw in the burning flames of a relationship disaster.  The hindsight is definitely 20/20 when we're thinking things along the lines of "hmmm yeah, I do remember him saying this, but I decided to proceed anyway..." and hearing our friend say "I told you so."
So here is the first edition of Red Flag Friday.  For the next few weeks I will be noting red flags that have ignored as a means of warning to others but more just for the pure entertainment.  These flags are those of guys I have dated and my friends have dated.  Thanks guys, for the tears, laughs, anger and blog inspiration.  Also, thanks for the new watch that one time; retail therapy is a good friend.  (Disclaimer:  not every bad quality another person exhibits is a "red flag," and I am aware of different people and different circumstances being factors in everything.  These are from my experiences and the experiences of my friends and in these cases, the flags were flying high.  I am also aware that girls wave their pink flags and guys ignore those too - but for the purposes of this blog, and since I'm a girl, it is coming from our perspective!)  Read on and don't say I didn't warn you...
Red Flag Friday - August 23. 
1.  When he asks you on his family vacation before you even meet his family or makes big plans with you far in advance before you are even in a relationship.
WHAT?  Seriously?  You want me to come to Disney World with your family 3 months from now and this is our third date?  Does your family even know my name?  Do you even know my middle name?  Not to mention, do you really think it's a good idea to throw something out there months in advance as if you plan on a long term relationship with me?  Oh, your mom asked if I was coming on the annual beach trip?  How cute.  Keep that to yourself.  Not only are you rushing things, but so is your mom and I'm going to think we are in relationship heaven.  Don't lead me on.  If we're committed, I'll start making a mental note of the things I need to pack.  If we're not, let's just worry about where we are going this weekend if we even make it that far.
One of my best friends said her boyfriend put it this way:  Don't plan further in advance than you have been dating.  If you've been together a week, plan for the next week.  I think that sounds great going forward.  A friend and I are both missing out on two different concerts next month because our separate "friends" thought it was a great idea to buy tickets in advance that unlike us... they decided to keep for themselves.
Red flag.   If they're rushing it, they'll sure rush out of it.


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