Red Flag Friday - Week 2: Your friends don't like him

Oh hey ladies and gentlemen, welcome to week two of my new blog series, Red Flag Fridays:  inspired by all of the heartbreakers, creeps, liars and idiots my friends and I have encountered.  As always this can apply for males/females, but my chromosomes are a little biased.  May our midsadventures be your Friday entertainment for weeks to come. 
Today's red flag:  Your friends don't like the person you're dating.
"...but they don't know him like I do!"  "She's just jealous."  "You're just mad I don't spend all of my time with you anymore."
Excuses.  Let's be real ladies:  if your friends don't like him, they're usually on to something you just don't see (yet).  Think about it... he's not buying their dinner, he's not charming them and he's certainly (well he better not be) not kissing them and sweeping them off of their feet.  Your friends are not caught up in his adorable smile or his blue eyes and his off key singing is annoying rather than endearing in their opinion.  Just as hindsight is 20/20, so is being removed from a situation. 
Your friends are the best pair of reality glasses you can have.  I'd be willing to bet in 95% of "relationships" gone wrong for me, the things that finally push me to the moving on point (aka all of the dealbreakers, flaws and annoyances combined) are the ones my friends pointed out to me along the way.  ...and cue the "I told you so's." 
Sometimes the guy is just a jerk.  Your friends love you and want the best for you, and a good friend isn't going to sit back and watch you give your heart away to someone who plays with it like a Yo-Yo.  Sometimes the guy isn't a jerk but you're just not compatible.  Either way, if your friends don't like your relationship... it's a red flag.  I'm not saying run away immediately but it's something to put on your radar. 
If you're the friend, pocket your "I told you so" and stick to girls night, brownies and ice cream for now.

Funny Thanks Ecard: Thanks for never listening to me so I can always claim I told you something.


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