I have been limping for over two weeks.  I started a new workout and I did something to my hip.  I knew I was pushing myself a little more than I should but I was so determined to prove myself that I did it anyway.  (Sometimes I think determination can be a form of stubbornness.)  In the following days, I was too stubborn to take a break from the gym so I'm just now starting to walk like a 26 year old again.  You can have your cane back, Grandma.

Ahhh stubbornness.  It comes out here and there but I could have bigger problems, so I'll take it.  This morning I was browsing Twitter on the long elevator ride to the... 2nd floor... and noticed Ashley's daily horoscope had posted.  The high school Seventeen magazine reader in me of course clicked it so I could read my own just for fun (and who am I kidding, I still read Seventeen magazine by the pool...).  Obviously it made no impact on me, because I don't even remember what it said, but it got me thinking what if horoscopes were true?

What if we could get up in the morning with a little warning of of a bad day or a glimpse of hope for a positive change in our love life in the next week?  Wouldn't it be nice if who should be avoided or how we should react to a situation was spelled out for us every morning in a hundred words or less?

Yeah... sounds good.  Unfortunately I'm stubborn and I'd probably still do the same things, even if I knew the outcome.  You know... kind of like the scripture I fail to let guide me every day.  Oh thank goodness for grace.


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