let it go

In middle school, I went to a sleepover in which the "cool girls" slept upstairs and the "losers" slept downstairs to be scared then pranked in the middle of the night with lipstick on their faces and feathers glued all over them.  I slept downstairs that night.  In middle school, I was invited to the party with the cool kids and finally had my first boyfriend.  I found out later that the popular girl had signed onto his AIM (what's that? lol) screen name and pretended to be him and very interested in me.  In middle school, I didn't let it get to me.  I forgave, forgot and went to high school.

In high school my friends got the last tickets to a sold out movie and left me to watch it alone (when they could have switched times).  In high school, I was often friends with the "mean girls," on a constant roller coaster with just as many downs as there were ups.  I forgave, forgot and graduated.

After middle school through college, you would think as adults we would have all grown up, but unfortunately, adolescent tendencies never seem to end.  I've been walked over, ditched, disrespected, used and even kicked out of a BIBLE STUDY.  Sadly (but I am comforted that...) I am not the only one.  We're all mistreated.  Adults can sometimes be backstabbing, selfish game players. What do I do?  Forgive, forget and move forward.

Did I have true friends throughout the years?  Oh, absolutely, and I still do without a doubt.  Yeah, I've mentioned some negative experiences but my life has been nothing short of a good one.  I've been happy over the years and I'm truly happy and blessed right now.  I just want to point out that there comes a point when we have to respect ourselves.  We're worth something and were all created by a powerful God who made each of us in his image.  While we may love others we don't have to let them take away our happiness.  I have been both blessed and cursed with a big heart and a forgiving personality.  Sometimes it's a good thing....honestly, some of my best friends are people who have hurt me in the past.  We're supposed to forgive.  We are supposed to be kind.  We are supposed to love each other despite the difficulties.  BUT we don't have to allow people to bring us down.  Remember who you are and show love when it's necessary, but even though we're called to forgive others, it's okay to let them go.  Whether it be temporary or permanent... it is okay.

This goes out to all my friends who need to see their worth.


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