Where the Green Grass Grows

A month from today one of my biggest pet peeves will be acceptable for 24 hours (and 24 hours only):  people wearing red and pink... together.  That's right... today marks a month until Valentine's Day.  If I'm lucky, I'll make it through the day with little fashion faux pas and without a heart shaped box of the "mystery meat" of the candy world.  I've never been one to really care much for the day - maybe because I was the only girl in middle school who never got a candy gram... maybe it's because I like daisies more than roses...or maybe because it's full of too many expectations.  The best Valentine's Day I ever had was spent at Taco Bell with a steak quesadilla, a handwritten note and a lollipop shaped like kissing lips with the one that got away.  No really... he just disappeared one day and had me considering the reality of alien abductions. 

Okay, kidding aside... good old V-Day is a month away and in realizing it today, two truths came to mind:  1.  A month may fly by, but a lot can happen in a month.  It's very possible I will have a date by then...  BUT 2.  I'm currently single.  This isn't going to turn into a "single girl problems" or "long hair don't care I'm doing my own thing" kind of blog post.  Instead, I really just want to place emphasis on the reality of it all.  Whether or not I am in a relationship doesn't define me.  Not today, not tomorrow, and not on Valentine's Day.

When I order dessert, I don't have to share.  I walk around in my pjs half most of the time in the apartment.  I have nail painting parties and movie nights multiple times a week with my roommate, 90% of which are definitely chick flicks.  I go shopping with my girl friends and waste lots of time on Pinterest.  I have time to better myself and go to the gym every day, and I must mention how much easier it is to count calories when you're not going on dates to restaurants with over sized (yet extremely delicious) plates!  I have no expectations, no pressures and plenty of time to do whatever I want. 

I guess what is on my mind tonight and what I am trying to say is the grass is green on both sides of the fence.  Sure, I love love.  I'd love to be out on a date right now or doing something as cute and routine as holding hands walking through the aisles of Target (cause I sure do like Target), but I am so perfectly content on the couch adjacent to Bethany on our respective laptops, strawberry milk in my glass and the Rugrats movie on the TV.

Here's to my life as it is right now, and the view is pretty sweet. :)


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