2012 Highlights!

Happy New Year!  Last year was full of happiness, drama, unexpected surprises, creeps, awesome people, good things, bad things, etc. etc. etc.  Even though I think 2013 will be better... 2012 was a great year.  Here are the things I'll remember...(and so much is missing)
The FIRST day of 2012

Lots of winter trips to Charlotte

St. Patrick's Day/Robyn's Birthday

my first 10k

first beach trip

cinco de mayo - the day i moved out of my parents house!

mother's day - my mom's present

this concert (lady a)

this night

4th of July

many of *these* nights at NH

last night at NH

bethany's birthday

THIS concert (BP)

Lindsay's wedding

I started playing Bingo...

acquired the best roommate I could ask for in 2012


met these crackheads

kb got married



26th birthday

met Millie!


got a fish and decorated his bowl for christmas

adrianne's 2nd birthday

ran into this fool

new year's eve

ending 2012

There you have it...and now for the the "highlights" of this year...
Never thought I'd have any blonde up there, but it's a new year!  Here's to 2013.... :)


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