Selfish Summer Aspirations - aka - My Summer Bucket List ( and why you should join me )

I'm not sure why I didn't become a teacher.  The idea of having summers free again is the most appealing thing I can think of as I sit in a windowless office.  At least it is rainy today so I don't feel so bad about my predicament.  Although my summer is full of Monday-Friday 8:30-5 at Iron Data... there is always after 5 and weekend time... to fulfill my summer bucket list!  I'm sure I can add plenty of things to this, but for now I will stick with what I've got written down and tell you what I want to complete this year and why you should join me.

  • An amusement park trip
    • It doesn't matter which one (although Carowinds is at the bottom of the list) but I have to ride some rides this year.  It is a tradition that I missed last summer and I refuse to miss out again.  You should join me because I need a hand to hold going up the hills of the scariest rides. :)

  • Tennis
    • I'm terrible at it... but I want to play.  You should join me because I can't run to the other side and back fast enough.
  • Durham Bulls game + Fireworks
    • I'm going to a DB game Thursday, but Friday night games have fireworks, and they're good. 
      You should join me because I said so.
  • Yogurt Mountain
    • I've never been and I've heard good reviews from friends.
      You should join me because frozen yogurt is good!
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
    • You should go because I can't.  June 11th. I'll be on vacation this year... but it's a good cause SO DO IT!

  • Water Gun Fight
    • Because I need to release my inner child.  I did have an Easter Egg hunt this year, you know.
      You should join me because shooting myself with a water gun does not sound exciting.
  • Duke Gardens
    • I want to see the pretty flowers :)
      You should join me so the bees will have someone else to sting.
  • Outdoor Movie
  • Pool Party
    • Love.
      You should join me because it's not a party alone and children shouldn't swim unsupervised ;)
  • Day trip(s) to the beach
    • swimming, sand, & bocce.
      You should join me because you love the beach too.
  • See a sunset
    • I'm not sure I've ever taken the time to watch it.
      You should join me because I'm scared of the dark once the sun goes down.  Kidding.
  • Locopops
You should join me because if you have never had one you HAVE to try.
  • Feed the geese at the lake
    • because I keep seeing the kids doing it and my inner child is jealous.
      You should join me so I don't feel like a loser.
  • Country Music Concert
    • a summertime must
      You should join me to protect me from the crazy drunk people.
  • A picnic
    • Picnics are essential during warm weather.
      You should join me because I will share my animal cookies with you.
  • Learn how to fish
    • because I don't know how.
      You should join me if you can teach me.
  • More volleyball
    • I want to be able to serve overhanded more than once... which is all I've done so far.  Oh, and maybe play a game without saying sorry multiple times.
      You should join me if only for the entertainment.

That concludes (for now) my summer bucket list.  A non-selfish list is in the works of things I want to do for others this summer.  Both lists are things that make me happy.  :)

What do you want to do this summer?


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