Play For Hope & The End of the World

Two things on my mind this afternoon- okay... that’s a lie.  Girls can think about a million things at once... no way to prove it, but I promise it’s true.  Work is actually driving me crazy right this second but I need a 5 minute break to blog before I get back to the Friday afternoon insanity.  Anyway.. out of the million things on my mind, two are sticking out that I feel like sharing with YOU!
First I want to share how cool of a past two weeks I’ve had.  The past two weeks have given me hope that people are better than they let you believe.  The past two weeks have helped me realize that I, too, can make a difference in this world even if I do it while sitting at a desk.  In the past two weeks, I have helped to raise over $900 for Play For Hope ( In only TWO days, TWO dinners, and in exchange for approximately $30 of my money, a $900 return came out the love of others.
If you don’t know what Play For Hope is... check out the link in the above paragraph NOW.
If you have known me over the past few years, (and I hate to admit this to those who don’t know this) but you would know that I have always hated hearing about missions in other countries.  When Campus Crusade at Campbell would have speakers come to talk about it specifically... I would find an excuse not to go.  I was always annoyed by those who said that to share God’s word you had to go to another country.  Now, I am still firm in my belief that you can fulfill your purpose and God’s will in any country and in various ways.. and that it is in fact NOT necessary to travel.. BUT.. oh how I have become so much more open.
How can you not hear about the great things others are doing and not be motivated to go? Why did I avoid it so long?  I’m not sure.. but now I want to go. I want to go soon.  Starting back around November I would say... I began a search for something to be involved in.  Sitting at a desk all day is not the ideal life and I wanted to make a difference to someone.  When I worked with kids, I was stressed out every single day, but I knew I was making a difference in their lives so it made it worth it.  I didn’t/don’t feel like what I do daily at work makes a difference to anyone except that it helps things keep going so we all get paid.  So I tried to find something else to invest part of my time in.  I felt useless in a non-emo way. J
Long story even longer... I was talking to my friend Jonathan and found out that he wants to do something mission like related to sports.  Ironically, I saw this on my friend Brian’s Facebook status that week:
So of course I had to introduce the two of them... which turned into me wanting to be involved too.. which turned into the past two weeks hosting rice & bean dinners as fundraisers for play for hope!  It’s funny how things work.  Nothing is coincidental. 
I should have had more faith.  I had no idea that so much money could come out of two dinner parties with two separate groups of my friends... and to think about the difference that money will make for the kids in Rwanda.  Brian said that it covers about 1/10th of the cost of the tournament for the kids.. but that’s way better than nothing I would say.  I’m not sure if it will annoy Brian or make him happy... but the mass communication major (with a concentration in advertising) has taken over me mixed with newfound passion and I can’t stop thinking of ways to help. I finally found something I care about other than shopping at Target and going to Taco Bell. :)  (I’m not so bad after all, huh?) I still want to do God’s work locally... but to think I could have an impact in more than one place is exciting.
All of that to say... I think it’s great how people really stepped in and participated to be a blessing for Play For Hope, and I think whoever reads this should check it out too.  I will hound you about it.  Ask Lacey Ostoj.
10,000 children are my invitation to change
to continue in excess now suddenly feels, oh, so strange
prayers and money should not be confused
but I pray that both still are used
--Dave Barnes
NOW.  As for the end of the world....


But if it was... what would you do tonight?  Take some advice from Tim McGraw and live like you were dying.  Take a chance.  Sky dive like Bethany Hartman.  Make a difference in someone’s life.  Hang out with your friends and family as much as you can.  Tell someone how you feel.  You never know :)


  1. after listening to brian talk last night, i got excited about finding sports equipment that they can take with them! thanks for posting this. and yes, you did hound me about this, but i appreciate it. :-)


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