Chick peas, poodle bowling, tacos, chocolate stains, and sarcasm/jokes

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook that I needed a suggestion for a new blog post. Gaddy suggested re-living the days of losing my high school love (not that exciting) and Carmen suggested I write about her... (probably more exciting than I know ;) )but even more random were the suggestions of chick peas, poodle bowling, tacos, chocolate stains and sarcasm/jokes.  I would like to ask this question:  Which one could we not live without?  Although I am a Taco Bell fan til the day I see what they really do with my food in the back..(let’s hope that day never comes) I am still going to go with the vote of sarcasm. (although technically I am aware that we could go on without any of these things... I’m going off of a hypothetical situation where without one of these you may DIE. Haha)
So if you read my Facebook post.. you may notice neither sarcasm/jokes was not actually a suggestion. However, in reading the 28 comments,  (15 of which were threats, insults, and random banter between friends) I considered the importance of having a sense of humor and being able to take a joke.
Of all the friends and acquaintances I’ve had... among the happiest are the ones who laugh the most.  Especially when it is at his or her own expense.  Anyone who knows me knows that I laugh at myself more often than not.  I will be the first to admit an embarrassing story about myself just to give someone else a small piece of entertainment.  I told my boss the other day that I lost my car in the mall parking lot for over 10 minutes.  He told me he wouldn’t have admitted that.  (and losing my car in the parking lot is the smallest/least humorous/least embarrassing of my famous embarrassing moments.)

I love joking with friends.  If I make fun of you, I’m comfortable with you.. meaning I probably like you (platonically, of course) and enjoy your company.  As immature as it is, a well placed “your mom” joke can never go wrong and telling someone “no” when they ask you to do them a favor is always fun.  (Disclaimer:  Your mom jokes do not work in cases where the mother is deceased or was not present in someone’s life.  I warned you).  Making fun of each other just keeps things interesting. 
If I am a complete dork, 
 catch a football like a girl  (but for the record I throw better than I catch)
or own a snuggie
feel free to judge me and make fun.  Trust me, I’ll come up with some kind of retort.
I believe that after high school (for the most part.. )teasing in a bullying way ceases as we mature.  So go with the flow.  If you haven’t learned how to laugh at yourself you should give it a try.  Everyone had the kid in their class in elementary school that fell out of his/her chair on purpose (no, it wasn’t me).  I’m not saying to go out and embarrass yourself for fun... but joke with your friends and don’t take it personally if they joke on you.  It’s definitely a way to keep things interesting and at times hilarious. I can't think of many times I am with my friends that someone isn't being made fun of (I am thinking of Shameka and Chris Hemsworth). If they are joking in a mean way... punch them in the face.  If they are kidding... just threaten to.
The point is, I would be bored to death without sarcasm and jokes.  I know how to be serious and I would say I am mature when need be...but I would find a way to laugh even if I was in a room alone with white walls.

To each his (her) own. J


  1. if you were by yourself in a room with white walls, you would be in a mental institution.

    love the post! my personal favorite is the picture of you catching the football.

    best. ever.


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