An open letter to those who write open letters...

An open letter to those who write open letters,

I was sitting at my desk taking a quick break from the day. When I logged into Facebook, I came across your note. Despite my hesitation, I clicked through to read your open letter to (insert person or situation that caused major offense here) and felt all the feelings with you. I cried with you, I cheered you on, I laughed and got angry with you. OR MAYBE I ROLLED MY EYES.

The thing about your letter? You're not an anomaly. You aren't the first person to be blown away by the poor actions of someone you thought was a role model. I'd love to say no one cares, but the sad reality is that for some reason, the internet cares. The general population of the internet lives for and eats this up - you go viral, you get the shares, you may even get recognized on TV. 

But let me tell you - while you revel in your "internet glory," feeling satisfied with your public berating of someone you probably don't even know... you are just another contributor to the downfall of human relationships and kindness. Oh, you're upset that Miley Cyrus quit acting like Hannah Montana and your daughter has to see it? I'm not condoning her hammer licking and half naked wrecking ball swinging... but I didn't know that Miley was supposed to be living her life to raise your daughter. Isn't that your job? Because you were offended by Cam Newton's endzone dance, because you were offended that Caitlyn Jenner said "the hardest part of being a woman is figuring out what to wear," because YOU were angry that someone didn't silence their screaming child in a restaurant... you have become a huge part of the problem.

I see people posting your letters and negative memes and getting in silly arguments on Facebook over the opinion of something that doesn't even affect them. I see rude comments and cuts at one another because they agree or disagree with you. Because YOU were offended at a situation in YOUR life, we, who have nothing better to do while in the waiting room at the doctor or in line at Target.. are more than willing to formulate our own opinions and get angry at you or others that don't agree with us.

As if there isn't enough negative exchange going on over politics and war. We don't need your offenses to give us another reason to argue with one another (and I won't even get started on the political memes that make me spiral into the abyss of high blood pressure and frustration).

I know, I totally complain about things. I get really annoyed with AT&T, Raleigh bus drivers and the disappearance of self respect in women of all ages... but there is a fine line we walk when we publicly berate people we don't even know and the attention we seek from doing so. Commenting on trending topics is something I tend to avoid because I fear getting into an argument over something that really doesn't matter. Why should I get so upset and judge my friends or total strangers over something that doesn't affect me in the slightest? Grr. I hate the internet! (and love it all at the same time).

It's life. If you want to get your opinion out there to change something that offends you... go out and do something nice for someone instead. We could all do that a bit more... but then again, I'm sure there's some open letter out there about that, too.

And for the record? It really IS hard to find something to wear (says a female with so many things in her closet). And that DOESN'T means I'm oblivious, ignorant or insensitive to the things that many women deal with every day. Sit down, chill out and grab a Snickers bar.

The also occasionally offended Lori Crabtree


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