29 Lori Things

Happy birthday to me! Today I am 29 on the 30th. I don't feel much older except for my knees, who are constantly in protest of their use. 29 though? Time seriously flies. It's hard to believe that I graduated high school 10 years ago! I know, I know - some of you more seasoned friends of mine are reading this like "wait until you have kids" or "wait until menopause!" ...but I'm not there yet, so let me sit here as I gradually begin to accept my graying wisps.

For a less serious post this week, I have decided it would be fun to post 29 things that are about me, have happened to me, etc. Enjoy, or don't - I don't care cause it's my birthday!

1. Smokey the bear STILL creeps me out at the state fair.

2. I actually like the smell of nail polish.

3. I wear stripes. A LOT.

4. I called 911 for the first time last year because I thought someone was in trouble - I could hear a car horn going off over and over. Turns out I wasn't the only one who called because it was a car on fire! (no one was in it)

5. at 1:45 this morning, my mini Christmas tree in my room fell over. Most people would go back to sleep but I felt it necessary to get out of bed, pick it up and redecorate.

6. I sleep with my phone volume off. Sometimes I feel guilty about it because what if someone has an emergency? 

7. I have baby fever. Like... I need to hold one now, brb.

8. My first kiss was in high school at a stop sign. It was terrible.

9. I laugh every time I see the meme that says "here's to all the heroes who save their morning dumps for work so they can get paid to poop."

10. LaRonda and I send each other an average of 6 animal/baby/old people/fail videos/links daily. It's bad.

11. I judge people who wear crocs and actually like them.

12. Earlier this year, AT&T transferred an angry customer to my cell phone. That was interesting.

13. Every week, Gmail advertises for me to meet mature single women and Facebook advertises for me to join blackpeoplemeet.com

14. I question people who don't like Christmas music. (i.e. my best friend)

15. I did a yoga pose one day and a spot in my chest popped. Now, every time I stretch that same spot pops and it never had before.

16. I think long fingernails are unattractive.

17. I think I broke my nose in college but I never got it checked out.

18. I miss the pancakes in Marshbanks at Campbell. They had pre melted butter for you to spoon out.

19. One of the best birthday gifts I ever received was a "spud shooter" in college. You stuck the little plastic gun into a potato and shot tiny pellet sized carbs across the room. They went really far. Once, the cafeteria manager told me they wouldn't kick me out if I would let them borrow it to go shoot someone in the back with it.

20. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to military press over 10 pounds. I am not even ashamed to say how weak I am hahaha

21. Randy Jackson responded to my tweet once and I thought I was cool.

22. My best friend and I have never given each other a hug.

23. I get really impatient in the car (read: I have road rage)

24. It's on my bucket list to be on a kiss cam. 

25. My bedroom gets really messy and really clean every other day. It's never consistently one way or another. 

26. When I was little, we went to the circus and were sitting in the nosebleed seats. My mom promised the clowns wouldn't come up that high.. but lo and behold one climbed every single stair to the top and touched the top of my head. I was not pleased.

27. I could not live without cheese unless my life depended on it. I tried to go a week without it once to prove I could do it and man was I grumpy.

28. I go to Flying Burrito for Taco Tuesday as many Tuesdays as I can. $2 and delicious.

29. I tried to sell/successfully sold seashells at the campground at the beach as a kid... 30 feet from the ocean. What can I say, I was cute!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes - hope you all enjoyed your days, too! :)


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