AT&T? You had one job.

Internet service, cell phone service, cable companies and apartment complexes are all the worst. Have you ever signed up for a great promotion... things were going smoothly, then BAM you see a double or triple charge on your bank statement because your promotion "ran out?" Have you ever lived in an apartment complex that is going downhill but your rent goes up exponentially every year? What about the great prices you see on new cell phones that always come with a catch (in the fine print)?

Truthfully? All of the aformentioned situations are either the norm or can be prevented by reading that fine print. Though we don't like to admit it, sometimes it's our fault our $9.99/mo internet went to $50/mo without our knowledge (Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your budget). Sometimes, the customer is wrong.

But what about when it isn't our fault? What if the company just plain stinks at customer service? 

If you know me, you've seen me complain over the years about AT&T. By now, you'd think I would have just canceled the service... but many times it just hasn't been worth the trouble, the long phone wait or the cancellation fee. The first few times I had incorrect charges or bad internet connection, the CSR's were kind, efficient and helpful - but this time... in the most inconvenient AT&T mess up I've experienced, the service was way below par.

In March, I upgraded from DSL to UVERSE. In April, I got a bill for both. In May, I got a bill for both, and in late June... I got a bill for both. I called in May and again in June and the double billing was clearly not fixed. The 2nd person I spoke with even talked about how the first person had "no clue what he was doing"...and as I live to tell you today, neither did she. Oh, and I shall not neglect to mention that the first person I spoke with promised me a refund of over $100 would be debited by X date - and when I mentioned to person 2 that it did not come, she nonchalantly mentioned she would request it again and that it would be several business days before it processed.


I AM MIDDLE CLASS. DO NOT MESS WITH MY MONEY. Prior to my new job that I started in May (woop woop!) some months I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE $100 left. Yeah, things take a few days to get into the bank but did she even care to try to make it up to me somehow? No! I didn't fight it, but I think a month of free UVERSE (which, by the way isn't even that great) would have sufficed as an apology. I mean, McDonald's stalked my Twitter account once and sent me lots of free swag, and I wasn't angry at them... AT&T could learn a thing or two.

Anyway, in AT&T's defense (briefly, and shout out to Elvira Hernandez), the third person I talked to (Elvira) fixed everything (fingers crossed at least). I even received a follow up call this afternoon to confirm.

Great, right?

Until I get a phone call after work from the same AT&T number.

I pick up the phone, and this guy says something to me that I don't remember verbatim, but it sounded like he was referencing my double billing issue. I asked him if he was calling in reference to my complaint on Twitter and was answered with quite the attitude. "Who is this?" "UMM you're the one that called me..." "Well, AT&T transferred me to you" "oh, well they must have had you call me about my complaint from this morning, but no worries, I ended up calling in and it was taken care of but thank you!"

More confusion ensues and I finally say "do you not work for AT&T?"

Blah blah blah and etc. etc. etc. and an explanation later, I find out that I am not talking to a CSR from AT&T but instead another disgruntled customer. This guy was, like me, having billing issues (because AT&T is the worst) and whoever he was speaking to said they were going to transfer him to another department - cue MY phone ringing.

When did I get a job at AT&T? I'll be awaiting my first paycheck in the mail with my next (probably wrong but supposed to be corrected) AT&T bill.

I'm really not sure why, how, what? WHAT? But I do know that I bonded for a brief moment in time with a random stranger over our hatred for the AT&T billing department. I do hope his issue was resolved and hate that I could not be of assistance.

Sigh. Only me. Billing issues happen to everyone but as far as I know, I'm the first to have this happen. I also just wanted to point out how cold blooded Sprint was this morning... swooping in on Twitter, attempting to persuade me to switch services. Gotta give them props for the nerve.

Sprint? I'll be thinking about it. And AT&T? You get one more chance.


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