I'm Lovin' It

As a kid, I won a giant Easter bunny in a coloring contest. I won the tacky sweater contest at work this year and was the winner in the the most creative Halloween costume category. Winning because of skill, [lack of] fashion and creativity is great. I worked hard and reaped the benefits of a bunny larger than I was and a Target gift card.

But winning by chance? Yeah, never happens to me.

Until last night.

As a 2015 "resolution" or "goal," I decided to really try and save more money. The other day, I left Target empty handed. Me, leaving Target empty handed is like a dog walking out of the room leaving a treat in the middle of the floor - it just doesn't happen. Proud of myself, but disappointed to leave the newly shelved Valentine's decor and lingering discounted Christmas items - I tweeted the below... receiving a response days later...

WHAT? Free McDonald's? Sure! Thanks, Ron! So, I send the DM and go on my way... only to receive an email that started off like this: "Hi Lori, Sorry to hear that your 2015 is not off to a great start! At McDonald's, we believe that a little lovin' can change a lot! To help make 2015 the best year yet, we’d like to send you some Target gift cards so you can pick up anything you didn’t get last time. We’re also going to send you some Lovin’ swag and a McDonald’s Arch Cards as well.


Ok! Happy 2015 to me! I may even share my McDonald's love with someone else - pay it forward for sure. 

McDonald's, you have won my heart (or share occupation with Tony).

Here were a few other lucky Tweeters! Thanks, McDonald's!


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