What I Really Want in Life

Yeah, a date would be nice. A real date, where the guy actually comes to the door instead of texting "I'm here" (that is, after he actually offers to pick me up instead of meet me there). A date where *shock* he may even open my car door, or at the least not let the door of the restaurant shut in my face. A guy with a little respect, a sense of humor and a bit of a nerdy side would be great. Someone direct who doesn't play games, likes puppies, old people and children, you know... the whole bit. Totally ideal. Facial hair and spontaneity gets extra credit.

But let's just be honest. While I wouldn't turn such an opportunity down, this is what I really want:

I want pizza. I want pizza without guilt.

I want to be able to be successful at a DIY project.

I want a better, less awkward polite smile when I make eye contact with someone in public.

I want a $1000 shopping spree to Target.

I want something in my life to be Pinterest worthy. My sense of style, my bedroom, my cooking abilities.

I want my nail polish to stay on longer than 3 days when I give myself a mani.

I want to know how to cook more than 4 recipes and buy less frozen chicken and Lean Cuisines.

I want chips and queso to be an acceptable dinner.

But mostly, I just want pizza.

You may think all girls want is love and chocolate - but I'm here to tell you... love is optional and pizza? Pizza is the new chocolate and is quite possibly the way to my heart. 


  1. It's said that writing many of the things you desire in a single blog can make one of them come true, but only after a full twenty-four days has passed. For this to work, the lunar cycle must present a gentle waxing crescent over the night sky on the twenty-fourth day, with a soft blanket of cool rain in the evening just before midnight. Also, you will need to consume at least three elixirs of persuasion during the evening of the nineteenth day.


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