Trifling Thursday

Last night, a song inspired me to write a blog post about life, love, the walls we build and the people who build them, climb, or burn them down. It was an introspective post, yet applicable to many. While I was proud of my eloquently put frustrations, lessons learned and observations...I thought to myself that I was going to table this one for later.

The thing is... human interactions and relationship dynamics are both huge points of interest for me. I love love. I love friendship. I love people. The intricacies of the heart are always sure to be stepping blocks to my soapbox, but I want everyone to know that there is more to me than my heartbreaks, successes and utterly ridiculous (but entertaining) stories. Sometimes, I'm just boring and weird (emphasis on weird).

So today I want to share some random facts about myself. I want those who read my blog to know more about the silly side of me, the hungry side of me, the simple things that make me happy or bother me.

Sushi. Sushi is my comfort food. Sushi with spicy mayo on top, and a side of spicy mayo in addition... drowned in high sodium soy sauce. Forget chocolate.

When I find a song I like, I listen to it on repeat for hours at work.

I want a tattoo but I know my mother would kill me. I also know I'm way too indecisive to ever make such a commitment.

I have never flown in a plane, but I am not afraid to.

I love writing with Sharpie pens.

I want someone to write me a love letter. E-mail is lame.

A pet peeve of mine is when someone breaks a fingernail and doesn't cut them all to match it. It's ridiculous, but I can't handle it.

I love a guy in a plaid shirt.

I usually do LOL - or at least snicker when I say LOL.

I want to do something funny that goes viral... not necessarily a video of me falling off of a table, falling through a trampoline or getting smacked in the face by a monkey... but I'd accept it and call it a win either way.

I turn the radio station when I hear someone else win a contest because I'm jealous my call didn't get through.

It means the world to me when someone tells me they enjoy reading my blog.

When I go shopping for clothes, I touch everything in the store that is a neon color and consider purchasing it.

Now that you've reached your quota for useless information about Lori... leave me a comment with a useless fact about you! ...and stay tuned for my more serious post at a later date and time.


  1. Sharpie pens are the best. Fine tip! I go to bed early just to watch tv. There's a video roaming around the internet of me getting hit with a paddle. It even shows my "purple butt cheeks dude". And I love reading Lori's blog.


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