Fading Love

Recently, I was asked my opinion on the notion that love, like all things, fades with time. My opinion? No, no it doesn't. 

I would argue that anyone who has a fading love was never in love to begin with.  I would say with confidence that many times those with fading love were only in love with the comfort of, the security in, and the idea of a companion, rather than the individual his or herself. Many times, we hold to the adolescent measure of "love," taking a spark and assuming there's a flame.

To me, love is like the ocean. It's terrifying, but it's beautiful. Stand at a distance and you're safe, but get closer and it can pull you in. The in and out, the ebb and flow.... the unexpected wave can knock you down. But who can go to the beach without standing in the ocean? And who can find their heart's desire without taking a risk? It's a risk, but just like the ocean, love is powerful and I do not believe it fades.

Grandma and Grandpa have been married since Grandma was 16. Last week, Grandma went to the hospital and I hung out with Grandpa at their house for a while. Grandpa has had a stroke and doesn't talk very clearly anymore, but when Grandma called, the words "I miss you" and "I love you" came out with no complication.

Nana and Papa have been married 66 years. I snapped this picture of them and Papa went in for a kiss. "We kinda know each other," Nana said.

I'm willing to bet if we ask any of them, they'll tell you it wasn't easy... but my guess? It's worth it. Look at this picture and tell me if you think their love is going to fade, because I'm thinking it's not. 

If love fades, it's not worth waiting for. But I think it is, and that's my 2 cents.


  1. Awesome blog Lori. Your Nana and Papa
    are a beautiful picture of real love


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