A Toast to the Bride

Yesterday, my sister became Robin Reese. I had a lot of fun this weekend celebrating their marriage, spending time with my family and friends... and watching my aunt learn The Wobble. 

Robin didn't require me to give a toast/make a speech, but she's my only sister and hopefully will only get married once, so I put something together one night in the shower (isn't that where everyone does their best thinking?). I have never really been big on weddings, but I do love "love," and I wanted to share this with all of you - so here is the toast I gave. Enjoy!

Well, Robin and I are tied for the loudest/most outgoing ones in the family, but I'm in first for being a huge procrastinator so please excuse the fact that I'm reading this from my iPhone.

Robin and I share a ridiculous sense of humor, love for the beach, a weird obsession with Monsters Incorporated and DNA -but most of the time, my sister and I are complete opposites. Music, movies, fashion, hobbies: opposites. She studied, I didn't. She probably never even made a C - and over time I gave all grades an equal opportunity. She bakes, but I buy slice and bake cookies. She was a cheerleader and I never made the squad.  She is also the artist in the family. I have my moments but I was sort of the bad egg growing up behind her (but that's because took after my dad and papa). 

I'm telling you this because as my opposite, naturally, Robin and I have been completely different in the dating world. I was and am always super giddy over good dates, spilling all the details and perpetually living on cloud 9. Robin was never as obnoxious about it. And like my grades in school, I've always been pretty equal opportunity, and keep on dating around until I find the right person - but not Robin. She dated here and there, but I always thought she was WAY too picky and that she would never find what she was looking for. Not that I thought my sister wouldn't be worth it to someone but I thought it would be quite the journey for her to find the one. 

When Robin met Aaron, I knew he was the one because she turned into me. I saw a giddy, extra flirty, sassy and overly excited side of her in a way I had not seen before. It was actually kind of gross... the way a kid feels when they see their parents kissing or something. I also knew he was the one because my sister does not settle. I've learned through watching her and Aaron that my sister was not picky all these years but that she knew not to settle for anything but God's best. And praise him for sending her a country boy because it's about time someone makes her listen to some country music.

So here is to the happy couple - Aaron you have my seal of approval... which is good because if not, it's too late.


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