Who has your back?

This may be one of the shortest posts you’ll see out of this long winded blogger - but I wanted to share a moment - a 10 second moment out of my entire weekend that really touched me.

In the midst of a typical Saturday night crowd in Raleigh, two friends shared a moment that spoke volumes to me on the value of friendship. Everyone was in each other’s faces, emotions were high and I was sure that the night was going to end with someone being punched in the face. But what happened in the 10 seconds of the "calm following the storm" was just another moment restoring my faith in human beings.

He said to his friend, “I think you’re wrong right now, but I will ALWAYS have your back,” and nothing else needed to be said.

Our friends aren’t always going to be perfect or make the best decisions. In this same day I also learned that sometimes two people just can’t be friends no matter how hard or how many times they try… but the ones who stick around despite your imperfections and mistakes are the ones worth having. 

Thank goodness people like this exist.

[Special thanks to the bromance that made this post possible.]


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