the good list

3 day weekends.

Harris Teeter Sushi.

Saving $8 with coupons.

A 61 degrees day in winter to go for a run.
[not dying on aforementioned run]

A part time job for a little extra money.

Having dinner paid for by a stranger.

Flannel pajamas.

2 a.m. french fries.


Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Staying under the grocery budget.

Strawberry milk.

College friends.

Watching football with new friends.

The drunk guy dancing like no one ever should.

Starting new traditions.

New bath towels.

Laughing harder than you have in weeks.

This is my good list for the weekend.  The happiness lies in the little things.  Here's to January, and 2014.  What was good for you this weekend?


  1. 2 am french fries. if i'm awake at 2 am, it best be because i'm chowing down on french fries. what are you doing on thursday? wanna hang? yes, i realize it's would probably be easier just to text you, but i do what i want.


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