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Last night someone asked me to rate my 2013 on a scale of 1-10.  In all sincerity, I told him out of my 27 years, I'd give this one a 4.

2013 was just rough, socially.  It was just one of those years that I just couldn't win.  The disappointments became less surprising and more expected.  From little things to bigger things, at times it just seemed the only thing consistent in my life was failure.  I lost friends I thought would be in my life forever and my heart was absolutely destroyed.  I was ditched, lied to, used and easily disposed of... and I really let the actions of others get me down. I was a frequent rider of the struggle bus, friends.

But let me share what I've learned in the last month and a half of 2013.  It's not cliche.  It's true.  The struggles make you stronger.  A few weeks ago, someone pulled my last straw and something in me changed. I didn't need a resolution for the new year to realize it was time for me to stop letting other people affect me. I made that decision in an angry moment and so far, it's been working.  It's hard (especially as a girl) to not dwell on/analyze everything with everyone about everything and everyone.  The people who surround you play a part in making you who you are, but they are not your sole definition.  And from now on?  Lori Crabtree knows who she is and if someone doesn't fit in the plan and direction of my life, then they can take the back road.

Last year may have been my most difficult year social life wise, but it also brought a lot of blessings and surprises.  Sure, I had my heart broken last year, but I also met a lot of great guys who proved they're not all so bad.  Yep, I lost touch with some friends and completely lost some others, but the amount of new friends I made is unbelievable.  I rang in the new year last night with at least 15 of them, not including the ones who have been there all along.

I made some great memories, laughed a lot and took way too many pictures.  I'll never forget the year I got 43 mosquito bites on my rear end, a tweet from Randy Jackson and in a fight on the floor with a 15 year old and 40 year old over a drumstick from Scotty McCreery.

The year wasn't completely disastrous, but Pinky, I'm going to take over the world in 2014.  The man who asked me to rate my year told me that his year was probably a 3.  He was moving from one state to another and his car broke down in Raleigh, and he's been here ever since.  He doesn't really know where his life is going nor do I, but we both decided this year we're shooting for 9 out of 10.  I mean, I was supposed to babysit last night and ended up being able to leave early enough to celebrate with my friends.  I'd say that's a good sign and a great start.

Here's to 2014.  No resolutions, just determination.  Determination and a choice-- a choice to be happy and not let anyone change that.


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