tattoos and neon pink

A girl with 13 tattoos and a girly girl meet at a pool party.  It was pretty non-memorable because after the initial impression, there was no interest in a friendship.  A few months later the two somehow end up in a 3 bedroom/roommate situation with the mentality of "we only have to live together, we don't have to be friends." 
... and we weren't friends for a while.  I wasn't really friends with either roommate.  I had plenty of friends and didn't need anymore, especially ones with whom I shared absolutely nothing in common.  I mean, home girl likes incense (GROSS!).  We were merely inhabiting the same space as strangers in a bug infested apartment.
Who knew that two seemingly different girls would begin to form a bond over brownies, buffalo chicken/grilled cheese, man problems, online dating woes, people watching and Spiderman just to name a few.  This girl takes one of the top spots in my life and is now one of my best friends.  I am so lucky and blessed to have her in my life.  Anyone who knows us knows how much I love this girl.  We even had a stranger tell us the other night something along the lines of "you two seem to fit together well."  We have seen each other at our absolute worst and at our best and some of our best has been times we were spending together.
I could go on and I could be super cheesy and recall all of the memories we've had (like learning how to twerk from youtube and "story nights" downtown) or name all of the reasons Bethany is one of my best friends (like the fact she has the patience of a rock and can handle my freak outs like a champ), but I'll spare the details and just say this:  I'm really going to miss her as roommate.  Bethany is moving out next week and while I know we will maintain our friendship, I'm probably going to cry. 

Bethany has 14 tattoos now and I have an unnecessary amount of new neon pink clothing and accessories - and we couldn't be more alike.  I've had plenty of friendships come and go but I'm not letting this one go anywhere.
Here's to the memories made in our apartment and here's the ones to come.



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