Play for Hope

So, I'm hanging out with a friend tonight. AKA...I'm watching him pack cause he's Mr. I'mtoobusytohangoutcauseIamimportantandpopular and I'm Ms. Aintnobodygottimeforthat so we ended up not being able to hang out but having time to catch up briefly before he is gone for the whole summer.

My summer plans include concerts, beach trips and random adventures with my partners in crime. Brian's summer plans include soccer and making a difference in the lives of "his kids" in Africa. 
I don't know who all reads my blog. I have a fairly decent amount of page views - some friends, some stalkers, and some strangers. So, to those of you out there reading this... take a minute and go to this link to see what Brian does.
Maybe you have been wanting to be involved in something bigger than your bubble of life you're in right now. This is your chance. Maybe you have a heart for kids. This is your chance. Maybe you just got a raise and could give a little money to make a difference. This is your chance.

Just do it. Everytime Brian posts pictures on Facebook of the kids he works with, it is hard for me to not "like" every single one of them. Those smiles are made possible by people like us...sitting behind computers with our privileged lives, making our summer plans. Make someone else's summer and life better.
If nothing else, pray for Brian and Play for Hope.  I'm mad he will never bring me a baby giraffe from Africa, but I guess we all have our priorities.  :)


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