more ups than downs

I pouted my entire way to work today.  WHY for the past couple of weeks have I had the chin of a dirty, greasy, prepubescent 12 year old?  I definitely have some kind of party on my chin and these visitors have outstayed their welcome more than the family member that everyone loves to avoid at Christmas gatherings.  Not to mention I hate make up as much as I hate girls who naturally have flawless skin.  I don't love chocolate as much as most girls, so what is the problem?

The problem (behind my acne- I HATE that word too!) could be a number of things... but another problem is I was focusing on the negative this morning.  At the Six Forks stoplight I remembered something I used to tell my former co-worker Adam-- "every time we complain we have to say two positive things."  It sounds a bit mom-like or something a 1st grade teacher would say, but it's true.  That being said, I started to think about some "ups" in my life.
  • It's Friday.
  • Carole came to visit yesterday.
  • I have 3 unspent gift cards.
  • I have on a new sweater (thanks Bethany!)
  • I get to go to a bonfire tonight! (my favorite)
  • I'm going to the Duke basketball game tomorrow (my FAVORITE)
  • I used my windshield de-icer for the first time this morning and it worked perfectly.
  • My new cell case comes in the mail next week.
  • I had time to paint my nails last night (guys, you just don't know how great that is).
  • I saved a lot more money in December than I anticipated.

I could go on but I think you get the point.  Maybe worrying is what caused the party on my chin and I need to do more positive bullet point lists... :)  Here is hoping everyone finds the good in their day today!

Happy Friday!


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