something sweet

Today's blog post about "something sweet" could be about brownies, all.edge.perfectly.baked. brownies with vanilla ice cream.  The post could be about that... cause I had some last night and they were perfect.  ...but it's not.  I could go on forever about their triple chocolate chunk perfection all crunchy on the outside but gooey on the inside but all that will do is make you and I both hungry and be so counterproductive.  (too late)

However, this is what is sweet to me:  Adrianne Hannah.  One of my best friends (Whitney) from college had a baby and now this almost 2 year old one of the sweetest, most adorable little girls I've ever met.  Once she starts to talk a little more, let's be honest... that could change, but I don't think it will.

I just love her.  I probably like every single photo of her that Garry and Whitney post on Facebook(I'm not a stalker) and I show other people her picture like she's related to me or something.  She's just that adorable.  I love seeing her and how much she is like Whitney even from my minimal interaction with her.

Yesterday was kind of a lame day.  It quickly became a brownies, ice cream, friends, sweatpants and tv kind of night.  The best part was Skyping with Whitney and Adrianne.  That little girl brightened my day.  Hearing her say "bir" for bird, bye, and bark like a dog are seriously the little things that are so big!  Watching her dance and sing to Taylor Swift "we are never ever getting back together" was pretty awesome too.

So here is to the little things that make each day great.  Whether it is love, chocolate, love of chocolate, getting off of work early, seeing an old friend, a good cup of coffee, a heart to heart with a friend, a good shopping spree or being able to leave Target with only what you came for... appreciate the sweet things.  Adrianne was mine yesterday.


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