just do it

This morning for the first time in MONTHS I got up way before 6 a.m.  For the first time in months I didn't push my snooze button multiple times or say "honey badger don't care" and reset my alarm for a way later time.  Today I woke up feeling motivated and ready to go.  So I worked out, baked muffins for myself and my roommates (okay, don't think I'm superwoman, it was a mix) and read my bible all before showering.  As it is where most deep thoughts come to us, I got to thinking in the shower how great it felt to get my workout over with for the day and how great it feels when I do it in the morning. 

No, thinking about getting a workout over with isn't a deep thought... but here was my thought:  How many times in life would we be so much happier if we just "get it over with!?"

The long to-do list at work.
The girl you have been waiting to ask out.
The huge pile of laundry.
The awkward but important conversation.
Your flu shot.
The person we need to cut out of our life.
Christmas shopping.
A first kiss.
Getting gas in your car.

Whatever it is today that you are holding back on... just do it.  Go for it, get it over with and sit back and feel accomplished.

Happy Tuesday :)


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