Friday Randoms

I am a chronic text message deleter.  It annoys me to have a back log of conversations, and I don't know why.

I want to roller skate around the office.  It isn't against dress code policy... yet...

I love grocery shopping.  It's like a mini vacation on Sunday evenings.

I Facebook stalk everyone we interview at work.

I have a total thing for guys with scars.

I like a little too much.

I sent this to someone last night.  It didn't work.

Summer is expensive.

I didn't use the snooze button until I started working full time.
I have decided I really want to work in radio or TV.  This behind the desk thing is starting to bore me.

I told a guy last night I was prettier than he was.

I can't stop listening to Luke Bryan and I'm a little mad at myself for not buying tickets for next weekend.

My eye is twitching today.  I promise I'm not winking at you.


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