I really haven't had anything exciting to blog about in a while.  Life has been busy and fun but nothing extremely noteworthy has happened and I haven't had any use for a soapbox lately so here I am posting about nothing in particular.

I just got back from working on a tan at Myrtle Beach.  I love the beach and am already trying to figure out when I can plan a day trip to Wrightsville.  Who's in?  It's summertime... no excuses! 

Lately I.....
Have met a lot of new people which is fun.  Threw a message in a bottle in the ocean.  With my arm it didn't go far, but I tried.  Quit drinking coffee (except on Mondays).  Crashed a birthday party this weekend.  Lost my favorite earrings.  Had Yogurt Mountain (cake batter of course).  Cancelled - what a joke. I don't need their "help" or the messages from total creeps.  Was offered a new job but turned it down. Tried a new recipe (shrimp with orzo, tomatoes and romano cheese) that turned out both successful AND delicious. Broke my Duke duffle bag.  Slept.  Napped.  Slept.  Came back to work... which is what I need to get to doing now...

Yep.  Pointless... but I know my millions of blog readers (aka 2 or 3) missed me so I thought I'd check in.  Maybe at some point this week I'll think of something useful to write about.  Any suggestions?

Also- I am back to my "thought of the day" blog title.  I got bored with my new one already and figured if it wasn't broken, why try to fix it?

Happy Tuesday :)

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