Awkward but Memorable

I believe I can honestly say the past year of my life has been one of the most fun.  I’ve made a lot of new friends, been a lot of new places, started new traditions and even (finally) moved out of my parents house.  Budget?  What’s that?  While it has been one of the best of my 25 years, I can also say without a doubt it has been a year full of so many awkward/embarassing moments.
So for your afternoon entertainment and my general amusement, allow me to share some of my top memorable moments of the past few months:
Whitney and I opened the porta potty door on a girl who didn’t lock it.  Not our fault green means go...
I went on a not so great date with a guy and straight murdered him in mini golf, air hockey and basketball (31-9).  I guess that was more awkward for him, though.
My co-worker (who was a job reference for me) became my boss.  The place I interviewed with before this happened called my references...
I handed my number to a guy (without his asking for it, and on a dare) (and walked away like Napoleon Dynamite) after being told “you’ll never see him again.”  I have seen him multiple times since, and even better – tried to “re-meet” him under the name of Ashley... only to be called out on it.  It happens.
I yelled at an old guy for telling me my fake ID must be really good.
I made two new friends by asking them to save Ashley and I (by pretending to know us) from the most awkward creeps ever hitting on us at North Hills.
Bethany and I were hit on by the same creeps last week.
I was caught doing embarassing moves on a co-worker's fitness ball imitating this video.
I matched up on with multiple people I know... one of which I really wish would ask me out (just being honest). ;)

So I guess the word of the day is "awkward."  I really am... but I totally embrace it.  Being awkward is what makes me who I am... and what entertains my friends.  I am easily embarassed but am able to laugh at myself as well.  Welcome to my life.

Side note:  Yes, I have a new blog title.  It was a random decision and is based off of the many times I say or do things and my friends say "you would..."  So apparently I have a way about me, and it's probably awkward.  :)

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