a legitimate excuse

I finally have a legitimate excuse to have spring fever.  ...cause it's SPRING!  I've had it for a while (probably since Target started selling swimsuits) but it's almost worse than ever this year - in a good way.  Warm weather is way overdue in my book.  This weather means a lot of fun things to come and I'd say that last week I kicked off the season well.  North Hills started their Thursday night beach music series, I bought patio furniture and Sunday I went to the beach! 

Side note to the 3 lame-o's who backed out on a beach trip extremely last minute:  well, you're lame!

Aside from seeing 24+ jellyfish on the beach (see video), a chilly breeze and a sunburn that keeps me awake at night, my heart is still full of happiness from sand, waves and seagulls. :)

kid at heart


yes, we did have to stop at Piggly Wiggly for a shirt.  and yes,
the back of the shirt has the pig's bottom for the "wiggly" part. :)


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