thursday's confessions of the girl in the maxi dress

It happens.  The “pick a name and you have your partner; if you pick yourself put it back and pick another one” scenario.  Or the Secret Santa name picking...(memory credit:  Lacey Ostoj). Did anyone else ever pretend to get your name and put it back to try again for the partner you actually wanted?  You know, the cute guy, or your best friend. Or anyone besides the person you picked!?   I did that.  So to the people who actually had my name already and didn’t call me out on the fib, I thank you.  To the people I rejected and put back in the pile, I’m sorry. 
I just had to get that off of my chest.
Also:  Did anyone else have stupid early bedtimes in late elementary school /middle school?  You know, when you thought you were all big and bad and old enough to stay up late?  Ironic, at 24 years old I don’t WANT to stay up late half of the time.  What did you do after your mom shut the door?
I know what I did.  Once (okay, more than once) I got out my flashlight and played with my Power Ranger movie trading cards.  Sometimes I’d just sit up in complete defiance against sleep.  My favorite was staying up to listen to the Hot 5 at 9 on G105.  I just HAD to know the top songs every day...even though I was rarely allowed to listen to G105 at that point.
Had to get that off of my chest too.

While I’m at it I think I’ll make this a confessions blog.  Why not? 
Confessions and random facts about me.

  • I once had a crush on my sister’s boyfriend.  I was like... 10 and he was probably 17.  I wrote him a love letter that went similar to this:
I’m glad you are dating my sister.  I think you’re really cool.  I will miss you when you go back home.
He went back home to Virginia and she never heard from him again.  Sorry, Robin.
  • Lindsay Taylor and I followed a white van all over Wilmington because we thought the stars of One Tree Hill were in it.  We were wrong.
  • I would have left my last boyfriend for Jon Scheyer.  (mostly kidding).  No Duke hate in the comments, please.  He left me before I had the chance though.  Haha.
  • I have a celebrity crush on Adam Sandler.  I just do, don’t ask.
  • A few hours ago I may or may not have have alerted all females in my office of the attractive male from Craig’s List who wanted our desk.  (I don’t think he is taking it... so if you need a large desk, let me know).
  • I am a creeper.  Oh wait... I guess confessions are things people don’t already know.
  • This one is funny.  So I hate being home alone-- half because I’m a scaredy cat and half related to the time I was robbed at gunpoint (even though it wasn’t at home.. It still makes a girl paranoid sometimes!) 
Sometimes when I’m creeped out and home alone I like to pretend that God has these groups of angels that come to my house, and only people considering robbing me can see them.  One group is a group of straight up rednecks that play loud music and are outside drinking beer and cleaning their shotguns.  (because no one is gonna rob that house!)  The other group is a group of classy people having a classy soiree with finger foods and jazz music, and lots of angel cars in the driveway to deter anyone who is thinking of breaking into my house and killing me.  I’m just saying.  Yes, I’m weird.  I love my angel parties though.  Even though I don’ t REALLY think that’s happening... it makes me laugh to pretend and gets my mind off of being totally sketched out.

  • I have an irrational fear of deformities, frogs, crabs, and butterflies.  Oh, and blue cheese.
  • Oh here’s a good one.  Back when AOL Instant Messenger was the cool thing... did anyone else ever sign off and back on so that the person you REALLY wanted to IM you would hear the door creak and notice your online existence?  Or was that just me? It totally worked though... sorry you didn’t think of such an awesome( read:  juvenile) idea.
  • I go to baseball games to socialize.  I actually watch approximately 7 ½ percent of the game.  I’m sorry, Mel!
  • Confession #13.  I’ve returned shampoo to the store that I used. 
  • My mom used to tell me the blinking red light on the tower in North Durham was Rudolph on Christmas Eve.  Thankfully, I was a child genius and knew better... but for a few years I pretended to believe it.  I did however believe in Santa until my neighbor told me about hiding her Santa stuff for her kids (they were younger than me).  “You did know, right?”  “Yeah, of course!!”  (I already had my suspicions, so I didn’t go into depression).

  • I once tried to break my wrist so I could have a pink cast like my childhood best friend Allison.  Much to my dismay it didn’t work. 
I'm tired of trying to come up with confessions.  That is not a confession, but a fact.  :)

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(awesome credit:  lacey bc i found out about that site on her blog)


  1. haha. nice post (and shoutouts!) and you are not the only one who imagines angels protecting her. i do it. all. the. time. usually, there is just one, and he is always, always about 10 feet tall and ripped. and he's wearing a huge chest shield.

  2. it's ironic that you are scared of do you feel about trees?

  3. Here's my confession. I read this blog while I was in my bedroom hiding from Andrew. No, not playing hide & seek. Literally hiding from him so I could get a few moments of peace. He currently thinks I'm a mountain that he must climb at. all. times.


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