3 Year Warranty

I wish I lived in a neighborhood rather than on a street.  Running on a treadmill is painfully boring compared to running outside.  Even with country music television on.  However, it is my best option right now for a run.

Today, the treadmill taught me a lesson.

When I run on the treadmill, I'm always afraid of taking a wrong step and stepping off of the track or the treadmill itself.  I'm also afraid of running too close to the front of it and tripping.  Death or injury could realistically be a possibility in any of these wrong moves... Anyway...I occasionally like to look down at my feet to make sure I'm still going good.  Today I noticed something that had always been there but had never caught my attention:  

"3 Year Motor Warranty" 

THIS SHOULD HAVE SCARED ME!  THE TREADMILL IS ONLY ABOUT 10+ YEARS OLD!  Instead, it sent me into deep thought.  The warranty of the treadmill made me think of friendships and relationships and I came up with a few things:

1.  Friendships/Relationships do NOT have a guarantee.  It is not promised that things will work out as planned.  The company that made the treadmill didn't guarantee it, but seemed to be fairly confident that it would last at least 3 years or they wouldn't have given a 3 year warranty.  However... do you think our treadmill would have lasted over 10 years if we didn't take care of it?  Friendships and relationships don't come with a warranty, and do take effort and hard work.  Take care of the ones you have.

2.  There is no money back guarantee on friendships/relationships.  I'm not sure if there was one on the treadmill... but I'm sure a refund would have been possible (10 years ago) if the motor quit running.  If your motor quits running, you've gotta keep on going.  You won't get the time back from a failed situation.  You won't get the money you spent back, and you won't get your time back.  Keep moving.  If my treadmill's motor quits running, I have to keep moving too... just in another way.  :)

3.  Even if there were warranties with friendships/relationships... after the warranty was up, the maintenance would be up to you.

Common sense is fun when compared to a treadmill.  

Happy Halloween weekend!


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